What we do?...

Birmingham Family Therapy Ltd provides therapy to children, young people, and families, using a combination of therapeutic approaches. This includes play therapy for primary school age children, talking therapy for teenagers and mediation for adults. Much of our work takes place within schools where we ask a school to provide a private room where children can work one to one with a therapist who will build a trusting relationship with the child to work through their difficulties. We believe these services are essential for many children who are experiencing emotional distress for any reason and enables children space and time to work through their own issues. This in turn can positively affect their relationships, self-esteem, academic work and attendance and overall well being. We are used to working within schools and do so with as little disruption to lessons as possible.

Length of Therapy

At Birmingham Family Therapy, we recommend a 12 week program, however some children require ongoing support while others may only need a 6 week intervention. We tailor make our packages based on an assessment of need and individual circumstances. We recognise the need to be flexible, schools often like to buy our time, this means that a worker can be allocated for half a day or a day per week in term time and provide therapeutic support to several children.

Our Services

Birmingham Family Therapy have many services available, some of which are play therapy, talking therapy, counselling and family mediation. Select one of the buttons below to find out more...