"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible" St Francis of Assisi

Birmingham Family Therapy employ dedicated and experienced Counsellors to provide counselling and support in the following areas:

Individual counselling

Relationship difficulties between couples or other family members; 

for: Anxiety, depression, anger and mood swings;

Lack of confidence and low self esteem.

Exploring a persons situation, personal history and feelings can  improve how a person feels and copes. It can reduce the need for self-medication such as alcohol or paracetamol which sometimes individuals turn to as a coping mechanism. When a person is able to learn coping strategies as unique as they are, that work for them,  it can improve their relationships, employment satisfaction and general well being and mental health.

Integrative therapy

Integrative therapy, or integrative counselling is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies. Integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations. Each person needs to be considered as a whole and counselling techniques must be tailored to their individual needs and personal circumstances. 
Integrative counselling maintains the idea that there are many ways in which human psychology can be explored and understood - no one theory holds the answer. All theories are considered to have value- hence the need to integrate them. 

The integrative approach also refers to the infusion of a person's personality and needs - integrating the affective, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological systems within one person, as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects. Essentially, integrative counsellors are not only concerned with what works, but why it works - tailoring therapy to their clients and not the client to the therapy. 

Birmingham family therapy  believe this is a more authentic approach as it is client led allowing the individual to work at their own pace setting realistic goals for sustainable change, We recommend 50 mins each week at at a venue that suit both parties, with all sessions confidential.

The cost of the therapy is based at 60.00 per session, a contract is drawn up between the client and the therapist to establish payment arrangements, confidentiality and times and venue of sessions. 

Family and emotional support

Birmingham Family Therapy recognise that families who are not looking to separate can need  emotional support and benefit from mediation services. We can help families to identify and deal with deep rooted issues which impact of the family and the ability of families to effectively parent children. This may be due to the family dynamics , lack of routines and structures which in turn impact on the emotional well being of the family as a whole and the well being and development of the child(ren).

We offer a service which calls on the multidisciplinary skills of the team, which include therapist/mediator/ social worker/lawyer to assess the holistic needs of the family and tailor a package which will benefit the family particular needs.

Children and families

Young children are unable to communicate in a way which adults or older children can, and play therapy allows the therapist to use this discipline to allow the child to communicate and benefit through this medium. It may be that a family where a parent benefits from counselling, that the child(ren) will benefit from play therapy which if agreed upon would be done at a separate time then the parents counselling.

Research from PTUK suggests that 75%-82% of children who are referred for play therapy will show a positive change.

Cost £60 Initial assessment

£60 per session