Family Mediation

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Mediation is a process whereby agreement is reached on arrangements following separation or divorce through a process of discussion.

Birmingham Family Therapy offers a confidential, impartial service which takes place behind closed doors and is not revealed to any third parties.

The advantage of mediation is that the process is less formal, less stressful and a cheaper option than formal court proceedings.

It assists couples in communication and reaching agreement by consent.  It is proved to be the most efficient way of resolving issues over access and arrangement for children and property and financial disputes.


In 2011 the law introduced a new procedure in relation to certain types of family matters. Following the breakdown of a marriage/civil partnership a trained family mediator is required to carry out a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting to explain the mediation process. This involves a series of meeting to help those couples who petition for divorce to seek mediation during this process.

All referrals are confidential.

The aim of our mediation is to encourage positive communication between carers. When children are party to conflict and disruption it can cause emotional upset such as, anxiety, stress, and loss of appetite. These effects may impact on a child’s education and social interactions causing a negative cycle of distress.

This package is an eight-week intervention, supporting primary carers who are going through separation. The service can take place at our head office or at a chosen venue agreed by both parties. Birmingham Family Therapy can offer a safe, neutral environment where open discussion is encouraged. Mediation begins with each party having the opportunity to discuss their current situation and their wishes regarding arrangements with their children, this is done in confidence with a trained staff member. The Mediation sessions allow both parties to come together to begin to resolve historical issues that have led to separation, and begin to find way positive way forward. Upon discussions, an agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties, Birmingham Family Therapy encourage both parties to adhere to the arrangements set out on the agreement.
There will then be a further two weeks’ telephone support to substantiate the agreed plan is working for all family members.

This service is a   much quicker, less confrontational and usually cheaper resolution than heading straight to court. It enables you to shape long-term solutions that are in your family’s best interests.
Birmingham Family Therapy workers have found that through mediation separated parents communicate effectively and positively, which in turn, secures a healthier relationship between parent and child, reducing a child’s emotional stress that may have developed during conflict between parents. Birmingham Family Therapy recognise that mediation can be beneficial in other situations such as: child & parent or sibling rivalry. Mediation can be tailored to meet the needs of all family members.

Birmingham Family Therapy agreements made are not legally binding, however we can signpost clients to reputable family law firms for further legal support and advice. We are working towards being in the position to offer Court recognised Mediation and will update our site when this is service is available.

£60 per session