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About Birmingham Family Therapy Ltd

The founders of Birmingham Family Therapy recognised a crisis whereby schools, fostering and adoption services and parents had nowhere to refer vulnerable children requiring immediate assistance. At this point Sam Kiernan, a qualified play therapist and counsellor with twenty years’ experience, Claire Mullane a seasoned Child Protection lawyer and Gemma Mattison a qualified Social Worker came together to bridge that gap.

When it comes to supporting young people, we understand you will want to ensure you choose the right service. We know that good mental health impacts on all aspects of life and mental health services are under strain often leaving vulnerable children on long waiting lists to get the help they require, we aim to provide support quickly, when needed.

Therapy For Children Play Therapy

We are trained to help young people make sense of their experiences and offer guidance and understanding. Our services consist of client-led therapy offering brief, solution-focussed support.

Support for Adults Mediation

We provide mediation services in Birmingham. We also provide talking therapy and practical support for both adults and children.

We have a dedicated team with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to cater for different needs including on site legal advice for families going through a court process. Birmingham Family Therapy is passionate about providing timely support without long waiting lists within the West Midlands and Solihull area. We work closely with schools, families, social services and other agencies to tailor make packages at affordable rates to provide children and families support quickly at times of crisis.

Incorporation number: 10540410